From The Tee – 15/04/2017

The Camperdown golf course continues to produce fantastic scores with Liam Lafferty returning a two under the card score to take out A Grade at last Saturday’s Stableford event. Liam finished with 45 points, one ahead of Ian Henderson and Jack Kerr on 44.
B Grade winner was Neville Swayn with 43 points from Rick Bailey on 41.
Nearest to Pins:
2nd Archie Stevenson
second shot to 7th Liam Lafferty
9th Tom Moran
15th Darren Frost
17th Neville Swayn.

The Birdie hole was the 17th where Neville Swayn and Jack Kerr managed a Birdie.

Balls down the line went to scores of 39 points or better, Liam Lafferty 45, Ian Henderson, Jack Kerr 44, Neville Swayn 44, Rick Bailey 41, Nick Lillie 40, John O’Donohue, Jeff Collins 39.
At last Thursday’s nine hole Stroke event the winner was Richard Narik nett 34 from Max Thorne nett 35.
This week’s Saturday competition is a Stroke event.

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