From The Tee – 03/08/2019

Jack Kerr returned the excellent score of one over par at last Saturday’s Stroke event to win the Monthly Medal and privilege pot. Jack won with 73-5-68 ahead of David Absolom 80-9-71.

Nearest to Pins: 2nd Peter Hughes.
Jack showed he had the radar on with the 7th, 9th and 17th Nearest to Pins. Visitor Rowan Heit was on the 15th.

Balls down the line Jack Kerr 68, David Absolom, Simon Baker 71, Tom Moran, Rowen Heit 72.

Putting comp John O’Donohue 25 putts, longest putt on the 18th Jeff Webber, birdie hole 3rd Jack Kerr.
Next week first round of the Wolbull.

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