From The Tee – 05/08/17

Andrew Narik took out the 18 hole Monthly Medal and privilege pot event held at Camperdown Golf Club last Saturday.  Andrew finished with 84-15-69 to win B Grade ahead of John O’Donohue on 99-25-74. In A Grade Jack Davis showed good form with 79-9-70 to win ahead of Bernie Sinnott 84-11-73.

Nearest to Pins:
2nd Rick Bailey
7th and 9th Leigh van den Berghe
15th and 17th Jack Davis
The day also included a longest putt competition won by Dale Evans, and Jack Davis had the least amount of putts with 27.

Balls down the line required a nett score of 75 or less, Andrew Narik 69, Jack Davis 70, Bernie Sinnott, Darren Frost 73, Simon Baker, John O’Donohue 74, Peter Hughes, Jack Kerr, Leigh van den Berghe, Norm Tonks 75.

At last Thursday’s nine hole Stroke event Gary Lafferty won with a nett 34 from Ricky Carr and Brian Fitzgerald both on 35 1/2.
Bernie Sinnott was nearest to pin on 15th, Mark Kent 17th, while Brian Fitzgerald had an Eagle on the 16th.

The event for this Saturday is Par and the first of three rounds of the Wolbull Round Robin.

From The Tee – 29/07/2017

Very windy weather made playing conditions challenging at last Saturday’s Stableford event. Simon Baker was the winner on the day with 38 points from Peter Skene on 36.
Nearest to Pins:
2nd Jack Davis
second shot to 7th Jack Kerr
9th Rick Bailey
15th Simon Baker
17th Tom Clissold

Balls down the line went to 34 points or more, Simon Baker 38, Peter Skene 36, Rick Bailey, Norm Tonks, Tom Clissold 35, Jack Davis, Rick Carr 34.
At last Thursday’s nine hole competition Darren Cheeseman was the winner with 19 points from Mark Kent on 18. Brian Fitzgerald was nearest to pin on the 9th.

This Saturday is the August Monthly Medal and privilege pot.

From The Tee – 22/07/17

Ryan Casey returned the best score of 40 Stableford points to take last Saturday’s event, ahead of Jack Kerr on 38.
Nearest to Pins:
2nd Peter Skene
second shot to 7th Jack Kerr
15th Rick Bailey
17th Daniel Beard.

Balls down the line when to scores of 35 points or more. Ryan Casey 40, Jack Kerr 38, Mark Kent 37, Daniel Beard, Leigh van den Berghe 36, Greg McGlade, Troy Stephens 35.

At last Thursday’s nine hole competition Leigh van den Berghe won in a three way count back from Rick Carr and Ryan Casey, all finishing with 17 points. This week is a Stableford event, and members are reminded to complete their matches in the G.G. Errey

From The Tee – 19/07/2017

A smaller field of golfers competed in last Saturday’s 18 hole Stableford event and lower scores reflected the heavier conditions. Winner on the day was Keith Baker on 40 points from Mark Kent 39.

Nearest to Pins:
2nd Mark Kent
second shot to 7th Tom Clissold
9th Rick Bailey
15th Tom Moran
17th Peter Skene

Balls down the line went to scores of 34 or more, Keith Baker 40, Mark Kent 39, Tom Moran, Rick Bailey, John O’Donohue 35, Darren Frost 34.

At last Thursday’s nine hole Par competition Brian Fitzgerald returned the best score of +3 ahead of Ryan Casey on +2.
Nearest to Pins: 15th Bernie Sinnott, 17th Gary Lafferty. Nick Lillie received a ball down the line.

The week’s event is a Stableford competition.

From The Tee – 08/07/2017

Troy Stephens and Matt Sinnott combined well to return the best score of 47 points at last Saturday’s 4BBB event. David Regan and Tony Cronin were runners up with 44.

Nearest to Pins:
2nd Tom Moran
Second shot to 7th Andrew Narik
9th Keith Baker
15th and 17th Simon Baker.
The Birdie hole was the 11th where Tom Moran and Jack Kerr managed a birdie.

Balls down the line went to scores of 43 or better; Troy Stephens/Matt Sinnott 47, David Regan/Tony Cronin, Peter Hughes/Mark Kent, Tom Clissold/Dale Evans 44, Simon Baker/Keith Baker 43.  

The top 8 teams on the day will qualify for the 4BBB winter pairs with the draw to be placed on the Notice board shortly.  

At last Thursday’s nine hole competition Simon Baker was the winner with 21 points from Rick Bailey on 20. Nearest to Pins on the 2nd Ryan Casey with a ball down the line going to Dale Evans.

Members are reminded that with the course becoming increasingly wetter, to drive along tree line and not on the fairways and when using a golf cart.

This Saturday is a Stableford event

From The Tee – 24/06/2017

Darren Cheeseman played early and returned the best score of 41 points at last Saturday’s Stableford event, ahead of Nick Lillie on 40.
Nearest to Pins:
2nd Darren Cheeseman
9th Rick Bailey
15th Peter Hughes.
Both the 7th and 17th holes were vacant.

Balls down the line went to scores of 36 or better, Darren Cheeseman 41, Nick Lillie 40, Darren Frost, Ray Jackson 39, Peter Hughes 38, Mark Kent 37, Ian Henderson, Tom Clissold 36.

 Last Thursday’s nine hole event was also Stableford with Max Thorne winning on 21 points. Peter Skene was runner up on 20 in a count back from John Whitewood, Nick Lillie and Dale Evans all finishing on 20.

Nearest to the pin on the 9th was Rick Bailey, the 2nd was vacant.

This week is the July Monthly Medal sponsored by Western District Newspapers

From The Tee – 17/06/17

Rick Carr took advantage of good course conditions to win last weekends Stableford event at the Camperdown Golf Club with 42 points. Runner up was Ray Jackson on 38.

Nearest to Pins:
2nd John O’Donohue
second shot to 7th Jack Kerr
9th Brian Fitzgerald
15th Jack Kerr
17th Greg McGlade.

The day also included the annual President v Captain event, with once again the President’s team proving too strong. Members on the President’s team received a ball down the line.

A good field also competed in last Thursday’s nine hole Stableford event, with Richard Narik winning on 21 points from Dale Evans on 20.

Nearest to Pins:
15th Darren Cheeseman
17th Gary Lafferty
Keith Stephens, Ryan Casey and Darren Cheeseman all received a ball down the line.


This Saturday’s event is also a Stableford competition.

From The Tee – 10/06/2017

Jack Kerr returned one of the best scores ever recorded at the Camperdown Golf Club with a 5 under the card 67 to comfortably win last Saturday’s Par event. Jack’s score of +10 included an Eagle of the 13th and a number of birdies including this week’s Birdie hole the 6th.
Runner up on the day was Ricky Bailey with +3.

Nearest to Pins:
2nd & 9th Tom Moran
9th Peter Skene
15th Darren Frost
17th Jack Kerr.
Balls down the line went to +1 or better, Jack Kerr +10, Rick Bailey +3, Alan Fraser +2, Tom Moran, Darren Frost, +1.

This week is a Stableford competition with all members who play on the day qualifying for the G.G Errey winter singles event. The club is also introducing an official 9am Tee-off time for any members who wish to play early on Saturday mornings.

From The Tee – 03/06/2017

Richard Narik took out the June Monthly Medal and privilege pot at last Saturday’s 18 hole Stroke event. Richard returned 86-17-69 winning B Grade ahead of Aaron Sinnott on 90-20-70. Winner of A Grade was Jack Kerr with 78-7-71 from Mark Kent 84-12-72. 

The day also incorporated a putting competition and the longest put on the 18 green, with Richard Narik showing good form to win both competitions.
Nearest to Pins:
2nd Tony Cronin
second shot to 7th green Col Keane
9th Richard Narik
15th Alan Fraser
17th Tom Clissold.

 Balls down the line went to nett scores of 73 or less, Richard Narik 69, Aaron Sinnott 70, Jack Kerr 71, Mark Kent, Brian Fitzgerald, Peter Skene, Norm Tonks 72, Alan Fraser, Peter Hughes 73.

Last Thursday’s nine hole competition was also a Stroke event with the winner, Mark Clissold on nett 30 and the runner up, Daniel Beard nett 32 ½ both visitors.
Ryan Casey received a ball down the line, and Col Keane was nearest to the pin on the 17th.

This week’s competition is a Par event.

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