From The Tee – 08/07/2017

Troy Stephens and Matt Sinnott combined well to return the best score of 47 points at last Saturday’s 4BBB event. David Regan and Tony Cronin were runners up with 44.

Nearest to Pins:
2nd Tom Moran
Second shot to 7th Andrew Narik
9th Keith Baker
15th and 17th Simon Baker.
The Birdie hole was the 11th where Tom Moran and Jack Kerr managed a birdie.

Balls down the line went to scores of 43 or better; Troy Stephens/Matt Sinnott 47, David Regan/Tony Cronin, Peter Hughes/Mark Kent, Tom Clissold/Dale Evans 44, Simon Baker/Keith Baker 43.  

The top 8 teams on the day will qualify for the 4BBB winter pairs with the draw to be placed on the Notice board shortly.  

At last Thursday’s nine hole competition Simon Baker was the winner with 21 points from Rick Bailey on 20. Nearest to Pins on the 2nd Ryan Casey with a ball down the line going to Dale Evans.

Members are reminded that with the course becoming increasingly wetter, to drive along tree line and not on the fairways and when using a golf cart.

This Saturday is a Stableford event

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