From Tee 12/08/2017

The first round of the Wolbull round robin was contested last Saturday in fine course conditions. The winner of A Grade was Troy Stephens with +4 from Jack Kerr on +3. Winner of B Grade was Dale Evans on +5 from Ryan Casey +3.

Nearest to Pins:
2nd Peter Hughes
second shot to 7th Troy Stephens
9th Peter Hughes
15th Keith Baker
17th Bernie Sinnott

The Birdie hole was the 16th where Nick Lillie, Troy Stephens, Jack Kerr managed a Birdie. Jack Kerr also had an Eagle on the 18th.

Balls down the line required +2 or better; Dale Evans +5, Troy Stephens +4, Jack Kerr, Ryan Casey,  Rick Carr +3, Jeff Collins, Peter Skene, Nick Lillie, Brian Fitzgerald, Jack Davis +2.It was also a Par event last Thursday, with our newest club member David Absolom winning on +4 by countback from Bernie Sinnott.

This Saturday is Stableford and the second round of the Wolbull competition.

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