Year: 2018

From The Tee – 08/12/2018

An excellent field of 64 players enjoyed perfect course conditions at last Saturday’s two person Ambrose guest day, sponsored by Sinnott Accountants.

Great to see a number of guest players from Colac, Terang, Warrnambool, Cobden, & Timboon.

Winners on the day were Damian Wynd & Mark Clissold with a nett score of 59 1/2.

Runners up were Darren Fox & Chris White with 61 1/4 and in third place were Richard Narik & Keith Stephens on 62 1/4

Nearest to Pins: 2nd David Regan, second to 7th Chris White, 9th & 15th Liam Lafferty, 17th Ricky Bailey

This Saturday is a is a Stroke event.

From The Tee 01/12/2018

Richard Narik returned 87-21-66 to win the Monthly Medal and privilege pot at last Saturday’s event. Richard won by 5 shots from John O’Donohue 101-30-71.

Tom Moran returned a two over par 74-7-67 to take out A Grade by countback from Keith Baker 79-12-67. 

Nearest to Pins: 2nd Paul Haslem, second shot to 7th and 9th Troy Stephens, 15th Col Keane, 17th Tony Nichols. Birdie hole was the 11th where Tom Moran and David Absolom managed birdies. Longest putt on 18th Algie White. 

Balls down the line went to nett scores of 73 or less: Richard Narik 66, Tom Moran, Keith Baker 67, Bernie Sinnott 68, Troy Stephens, Paul Haslem, John O’Donohue 71, Algie White 72, David Absolom, Norm Tonks 73. 

Brian Fitzgerald won Thursday’s nine hole competition with 24 points, ahead of Ray Jackson on 23. Nearest to Pins: 15th Col Keane, 17th Tim Fitzgerald. 

This Saturday is the Sinnott’s Accountants special guest day. The event is a Two Person Ambrose with non-handicap players invited. Entries taken on the day.

From The Tee – 24/11/2018

Fine weather and excellent course conditions produced high scores at last Saturday’s Stableford event.

Troy Stephens returned an even par 72 off the stick, to score 44 Stableford points to win on the day. Runner up was Darren Fox with 42 points after a countback with Tony Nichols also finishing with 42 points.

Nearest to Pins: 2nd Bernie Sinnott, second shot to 7th Darren Cheeseman, 9th Col Keane, 15th Keith Baker, 17th Col Keane.

The Birdie hole was the 10th and the only birdie scored was by a guest player from Melbourne, Matt Ryan. To receive a ball down the line required 38 points or more, Troy Stephens 44, Darren Fox, Tony Nichols 42, Keith Baker, Mark Sinnott 41, Col Keane, Matt Sinnott 39, Darren Cheeseman, Geoff Webber 38.

Thursday’s nine hole competition saw David Regan win with 23 Stableford points, ahead of Bernie Sinnott on 21.

Nearest to Pins: 2nd Tony Cronin, 9th Brian Fitzgerald. Balls down the line went to Ian Urquhart, Matt Sinnott, Darren Fox, Keith Stephens, Col Keane, Richard Narik, Tony Nichols.

This Saturday is the December Monthly Medal and privilege pot.

From the tee – 11/11/2018

The Camperdown Golf Club held its 2018 annual open tournament over the weekend.

The event was well attended with a chance to win a Car for a Hole-in-One on the par three 9th hole. Sponsored by Colac Toyota. While there were some close shots, no one managed an ace.

Friday was a Mens and Ladies 4BBB, with an excellent field of 84 players competing on the day.

Ladies winners:          Vicki Fitzgerald & Doreen Horan 44 points

Runners up:                Robyn Couch & Maree Finlay 41 points

Nearest to Pins:          2nd R. Couch, 9th M. Dalton, 15th M. Bond, 17th H. Holmes.

Mens winners:            Mark Kent & Andrew Benallack 50 points

Runners up:                Tom Moran & David Regan 46 points

Nearest to Pins:          2nd D. Absolom, 9th K. Baker, 15th G. Thomson, 17th B. Fitzgerald.


Saturday was a Mens 18 hole Stroke event, with another good field of 43 players.

A Grade Scratch winner:        Jack Kerr 75

Handicap winner:                   David Absolom nett 70 by count back

Runner up:                              Ash Sinnott nett 70


B Grade Scratch winner:        Sam Walsh 86

Handicap winner:                   Ray Jackson nett 65

Runner up:                              Mark Sinnott 69


Nearest to Pins:          2nd D. Beard, second shot to 7th P Cashmore, 9th M. Hassett, 15th M. Clissold, 17th B. Fitzgerald.


Sunday was a mixed Pinehurst with 23 teams competing.

Winners:                      Darren & Leah Cheeseman nett 67 2/8

Runners up:                Janine & Andrew Stephens 69 1/8


Nearest to Pins:          2nd M. White & R. Bailey, 9th T. Nichols, 15th J. Stephens, 17th G. Gill  & Keane.


The weekend also ran a progressive longest putt on the 18th: Ladies winner, V. Fitzgerald with 6.06 metre putt. Mens winner, P. Cashmore with 7.77 metre putt.

The Camperdown Golf Club would like to thank all the support from sponsors of the tournament and visiting clubs which contributed to a very successful weekend.

From The Tee 03/11/2018

Keith Baker returned an excellent score of 77-13-64 to win A Grade to take out last Saturday’s Monthly Medal and privilege pot. Three shots behind in second position was Darren Cheeseman 80-13-67. 

In B Grade there was a three way count back to split the scores between Dale Evans, Ricky Bailey and Mark Sinnott. Winner was Dale Evans 89-21-68 from Ricky Bailey 85-17-68.

Nearest to Pins: 2nd Brian Fitzgerald, second shot to 7th & 9th Troy Stephens, 15th Keith Baker, 17th Darren Frost.

There was also a putting competition on the day, Ricky Bailey and Troy Stephens both only requiring 26 putts. Longest putt on the 18th was won by Tony Cronin.

Birdie hole this was the 8th with Troy Stephens, David Absolom, Mark Kent, Tom Moran, Col Keane and Jack Davis all recording a birdie.

At last Thursday’s nine hole Stableford competition Melissa Fox won with 24 points from John Whitewood on 21. Keith Baker was Nearest to Pin on the 15th.

This is the Camperdown Golf Club’s Tournament.

4BBB (Friday 9th November) Entry Form

Mens Stroke (Saturday 10th November) Entry Form

2 Person Mixed Pinehurst (Sunday 11th November) Entry Form

From The Tee – 27/10/2018

Fine weather and excellent course conditions greeted competitors in last Saturday’s Crowe Horwath Guest Day. The event was played in Ambrose format.
Winners on the day were Darren Fox, Mark Fitzgerald, Jamie Horan and Ben Gaut nett 52 7/8, from Jeff Collins, Norm Tonks and Ian Henderson 56 4/6.

Nearest to Pins: 9th Ben Gaut, 15th Jamie Horan, 17th Matt Buckle.  

This week is the November Monthly Medal and privilege pot, sponsored by Keith Baker Plumbing.

The following weekend is the Camperdown Open Tournament.

From The Tee – 20/10/2018

A smaller field of players took part in last Saturday’s Par event at the Camperdown Golf Club in were tough conditions. 

Winner on the day was Keith Baker with +4 from John O’Donohue on +3. Reflecting the tricky condition only one nearest to pin was record on the 7th by Dale Evans. 

Balls down the line required a score of -2 or better: Keith Baker +4, John O’Donohue +3, Tony Cronin +1, Mark Sinnott, Michael Hassett -2. 

At last Thursday’s nine hole competition Troy Stephens won with 20 Stableford points. To split the second place required a four way count back where Michael Hassett on 17 claimed the runner prize ahead of Richard Narik, Mark Sinnott and Bernie Sinnott also on 17 points.

Nearest to Pins: 15th Richard Narik, 17th Michael Hassett

This Saturday is the Crowe Horwath Guest Day, three person Ambrose.

From The Tee – 14/10/2018

Last Saturday was a stroke event and included the third round of the club championships.

A Grade Liam Lafferty 74/7/67 from David Absolom 79/8/71.
B Grade Dillan Syres 87/14/73 runner up Steve Douglas 90/14/76
C Grade Rick Carr 92/20/72 runner up Dale Evans 95/22/73

Nearest to Pins: 2nd Simon Baker, second shot to 7th Keith Baker, 9th Simon Baker, 15th Darren Fox, 17th Dillan Syres.

Balls down the line went to nett scores of 74 or less, Liam Lafferty 67, David Absolom, Algie White 71, Jack Kerr, Rick Carr 72, Dale Evans, Dillan Syres, Tom Moran, Simon Baker 73, Darren Frost, Jack Davis, Richard Narik 74.

There was also a competition on Sunday as part of the Final round of the championships.

A Grade Jack Kerr 76/4/72 by count back from Liam Lafferty 79/7/72
B Grade Steve Douglas 86/14/72 runner up Keith Baker 87/13/75
C Grade Rick Carr 87/19/68 runner up Sam Walsh 90/19/71

Nearest to Pins: 2nd Tom Moran, second shot to 7th Brian Fitzgerald, 9th Sam Walsh, 15th Shaun McKenzie, 17th Jack Kerr. Dillan Syres had an Eagle on the 6th.

Balls down the line went to nett scores of 72 or less Rick Carr 68, Sam Walsh 71, Steve Douglas, Liam Lafferty, Jack Kerr, Tom Moran 72.


2018 Champions:

A Grade          Jack Kerr

B Grade          Keith Baker

C Grade          Rick Carr

This Saturday’s event is Par.

From The Tee – 06/10/2018

Last Saturday was the first round of the club championships and included the October Monthly Medal.

Monthly Medal and privilege pot winner was Rick Carr with 87/20/67 one shot ahead of Brian Fitzgerald 82/14/68.

Winners:          A Grade Simon Baker 77/6/71 ahead of Liam Lafferty 80/7/73.

B Grade Brian Fitzgerald 82/14/68 runner up Norm Tonks 88/18/70

C Grade Rick Carr 87/20/67 runner up Matt Sinnott 96/27/69


Nearest to Pins: 2nd Algie White, second shot to 7th Brian Fitzgerald, 9th Tony Nichols, 15th David Regan, 17th Jack Kerr. Nick Lillie and Matt Sinnott scored a birdie on the 3rd.

The day also included a putting competition where Jack Kerr had 25, and Richard Narik achieved the longest putt on the 18th. Balls down the line went to nett scores of 73 or less, Rick Carr 67, Brian Fitzgerald 68, Matt Sinnott, Shaun McKenzie 69, Norm Tonks 70, Dale Evans, Simon Baker 71, David Regan, Keith Baker, Richard Narik 72, Sam Walsh, Darren Cheeseman 73.

There was also a competition on Sunday as part of the second round of the championships.

Winners:          A Grade Simon Baker 76/6/70 ahead of Liam Lafferty 79/7/72

B Grade Steve Douglas 86/15/71 runner up Keith Baker 85/12/73

C Grade Dale Evans 94/22/72 runner up Sam Walsh 92/19/73

Nearest to Pins: 2nd Steve Douglas, second shot to 7th Simon Baker, 9th Jack Kerr, 15th Algie White, 17th Shaun McKenzie. The birdie hole was the 4th and Paul Stephens had a birdie.

Balls down the line went to nett scores of 74 of less Simon Baker 70, Steve Douglas 71, Liam Lafferty, Dale Evan 72, Sam Walsh, Keith Baker 73, Jack Kerr, Richard Narik 74.
This Saturday is the 3rd round of the championships with the final round to be played on Sunday.

From The Tee 25/08/18

Sixteen players enjoyed the fine weather at last Saturday’s Stableford event. The competition was played using the bottom nine twice again. Hopefully the improved weather will enable the top nine to be opened this week.

Dale Evans returned the excellent score of 46 points to win on the day with Jamie Collins runner up on 40.
Nearest to Pins: 2nd Richard Narik, 9th Simon Baker, 15th & 17th Bernie Sinnott. The Birdie hole was the 16th where Simon Baker and Bernie Sinnott scored birdies.

Balls down the line: Dale Evans 46, Jamie Collins 40, Dale Absolom, Simon Baker, Keith Baker, Bernie Sinnott, John O’Donohue 38 points.

At last Thursday’s nine hole Stableford competition Mark Winsall won with 21 points from Keith Baker on 20.
Nearest to Pins: 15th Ricky Bailey, 17th Simon Baker.

This Saturday’s event is the September Monthly Medal sponsored by RJ & KL Bailey P/L

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