From The Tee – 06/10/2018

Last Saturday was the first round of the club championships and included the October Monthly Medal.

Monthly Medal and privilege pot winner was Rick Carr with 87/20/67 one shot ahead of Brian Fitzgerald 82/14/68.

Winners:          A Grade Simon Baker 77/6/71 ahead of Liam Lafferty 80/7/73.

B Grade Brian Fitzgerald 82/14/68 runner up Norm Tonks 88/18/70

C Grade Rick Carr 87/20/67 runner up Matt Sinnott 96/27/69


Nearest to Pins: 2nd Algie White, second shot to 7th Brian Fitzgerald, 9th Tony Nichols, 15th David Regan, 17th Jack Kerr. Nick Lillie and Matt Sinnott scored a birdie on the 3rd.

The day also included a putting competition where Jack Kerr had 25, and Richard Narik achieved the longest putt on the 18th. Balls down the line went to nett scores of 73 or less, Rick Carr 67, Brian Fitzgerald 68, Matt Sinnott, Shaun McKenzie 69, Norm Tonks 70, Dale Evans, Simon Baker 71, David Regan, Keith Baker, Richard Narik 72, Sam Walsh, Darren Cheeseman 73.

There was also a competition on Sunday as part of the second round of the championships.

Winners:          A Grade Simon Baker 76/6/70 ahead of Liam Lafferty 79/7/72

B Grade Steve Douglas 86/15/71 runner up Keith Baker 85/12/73

C Grade Dale Evans 94/22/72 runner up Sam Walsh 92/19/73

Nearest to Pins: 2nd Steve Douglas, second shot to 7th Simon Baker, 9th Jack Kerr, 15th Algie White, 17th Shaun McKenzie. The birdie hole was the 4th and Paul Stephens had a birdie.

Balls down the line went to nett scores of 74 of less Simon Baker 70, Steve Douglas 71, Liam Lafferty, Dale Evan 72, Sam Walsh, Keith Baker 73, Jack Kerr, Richard Narik 74.
This Saturday is the 3rd round of the championships with the final round to be played on Sunday.

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